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Health promotion through education and awareness More Details Primary Health and Wellness

Primary Prevention

Early detection (VCT, CXR, Sputum AFB) Early and adequate treatment regimen (HIV, TB & STI) More Details Primary Health and Wellness

Secondary Prevention

Rehabilitation of cases, Prevention of spread More Details Primary Health and Wellness

Tertiary Prevention

Legal Compliance

Background on Legal Compliance

  • The Department of labour has legislated the requirements for the employers to establish OHS policy within the organizations at which they operate under the Mine Health and Safety Act (MHSA),
  • • Act 29 of 1996 and Occupational Health
    • and safety Act (OHSA), Act 85 of 1993.

  • The drafting, implementation and monitoring of the organizations health and safety policy is a clear demonstration of the employer commitment in this regard.
  • Further, looking into the corporate governance the need to develop corporate SHE policy cannot be over emphasized, this is where the employers demonstrate the strong direction and control to their operations.
  • Proposition benefits to the employer

    Reduces temporary or permanent loss of employees due to ill-health

    Assists in rehabilitation of the injured or sick employee into the workplace

    The promotion of employee’s morale.

    Assist in the prevention of time away from the workplace through utilization of the on-site service which has direct impact in reducing absenteeism and excessive sick leave

    On-site care and counselling provides for legal requirements and to enhance social health impacts.

    Reduce medical expenses and legal claims