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Mimed (PTY) Ltd is a black owned company which was established in 2014.

Welcome to Mimed

Mimed (PTY) LTD was established in 2014 and it is a 100% black owned business with level 1 BBBEE status. The company was formed in order to bridge the gap that existed within health services market.


We offer the following services and product; Occupational Health Services, Primary Health Services, Employee Wellness Program, Emergency Services and supplier of Medical Equipment.


We take pride in fostering mutually beneficial partnership in order to provide the best possible client specific services. We have position ourselves within the mining, retail and construction sectors.

We are good at

HIV Clinicians 100%
Occupational health nursing practitioners 100%
Occupational Hygienist 99%
Employee well being specialists 95%
Audiologist 99%
Employee assistance specialist consultants 99% 99%
Pathologists and Accountants 99%

Mimed Structure

Our purpose

To assist employers or our clients to achieve maximum production levels by upgrading the general health of the work force.

To minimise employee’s hour loss or absenteeism and maximise employees availability.

To supply quality, affordable and reliable product to our customers

Our aspiration

At our core, we understand that the blood life of this company, and in particular our people, is job creation and healthy life style. We therefore strive to be the leading catalyst in the health improvement of our clients.

Our principles

Deepened institutional culture and assist in improving lives, are our values and also principles guiding us. This give us the chance to support our purpose and inspiration by:

  • Fast Services – We promote speedy and efficient services

  • Passion – Indulging into bring the best out at all times

  • Integrity – Honesty is the best policy to our clients and stakeholders

  • Transparency – Compliance with best practice and sharing information with all stakeholders

  • Innovation – We believe always looking for better ways to improve services


The company operate as an emerging HDI entity and we adhere to the following:

  • Recognizing statutory requirements such as labour legislation

  • Upholding King III code of corporate governance standards

  • Sub-contracting work to local enterprises

  • Be sensitive to and accommodate diversity in our work force.

  • Professional and business ethics

  • Contribute in to socio economic empowerment through training and development of capacity of local participants wherever we implement projects.



Our mission is to become a leading provider of Occupational Health Services, Primary Health Services, Employee Wellness Program, Emergency Services and supplier of medical equipment, through continuous improvement of our services with our customers



  • To render quality and affordable service thought South Africa

  • Providing quality care without limits and with upmarket class

Services and products

Our services are characterized by quality and high technology equipment, including latest digital services and this include experienced professionals employed by Mimed. They are as follows:

  • Primary Health Services

  • Occupational Health Services

  • Employee Wellness Program

  • Supplier Chain

  • Emergency Services

Mimed will offer the following services to our clientele with diligence and professionalism

  • Onsite services

  • Emergency services

  • Diseases management programmes (e.g. HIV/TB; diabetes, hypertension)

  • Rehabilitation

  • Onsite and mobile service

  • Providing medical surveillance programmes

  • Medicals (initials, periodicals and exits)

  • Exposure risk controls

  • Health promotion

  • Disability claims

  • Awareness programmes

  • Counselling

  • Training and development

  • Trauma debriefing

  • Peer education

  • Supplying both consumables & non consumables medical items to health facilities.


Name of the client: Black Chrome Mine

Contract: Primary Healthcare Service.

Contact person: Patrick Ngonyama

Position: Health and Safety manager

Contact details: 083 527 3140

Name of the client: Modikwa Platinum Mine

Contract / Project: Employees Awareness Program

Position: Health and Safety manager

Contact person: Amukelani Modau

Contact details: 083 606 2696

Name of the client: Modikwa Platinum Mine

Reference or Invoice No: SED Leader

Contact person: Hope Tyira

Contact details: 013 230 2031


Mimed (PTY) Ltd black owned company which was established in 2014. It was established by a group of highly motivated black professionals who are driven business ethics to deliver their products.


+27 (13) 492 1537/8

+27 (79) 386 3782


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